3 Simple steps to posing better for pictures.

Let's keep it simple

Simplicity is often key. The little things that make all the difference. Going into your photo shoot with simply a open mind, or simply just being yourself when you turn and pose for the camera at that next function. These are the factors that help create "timeless" feeling images.

Have you ever seen a image that you can absolutely can relate too? Like the picture was an reflection of your exact emotion? Here's 3 simple tips just to keep in mind, the next time you're in front of the camera.


1. Just look away

Looking directly at the camera might feel a little uncomfortable for a lot of people. By simply looking away or looking pass your photographer instead of at your photographer can help give you a natural "At ease" look.

2. Pointing your nose away from the camera 

Pointing your nose away from the camera adds dimension to your image.

3. Do something different with each side of your body

Create separation between your limbs and your body. This can make you look slimmer and adds interest to the image.

In Conclusion

When a portrait feels natural it's feels better, It's relatable. And sometimes that requires you not looking at the camera. Sometimes that requires you to let loose, and just be yourself. Simply yourself.

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