The power of black & white images.

Take a look around. Photos are everywhere. Commercials , advertising (physically or online), billboards, everywhere. The market will always thrive, but in this day and age this market is over saturated. Everyone with a camera will call themselves a photographer. Even with a smart phone camera you can receive some amazing results, but identify photographers with a certain passion and skill set for their craft. Manipulating light? Composition? Creative edge? Are they taking images of you or creating images of you? These are the ones you want in your corner. Appreciate them. Support them. They're necessary.

I quoted this from one of my favorite articles thus far Photography - Before & Afters. 

Carrying over that same integrity, black & white images are sometimes the way to market your product or tell your story. Knowing when to use & apply them, they result in timeless feeling images.


Why do I love black & whites photos?

It's this moody stigma about black & white images that I connect with. What I feel makes a great black & white image is when you cannot picture the image in color. It wouldn't give you the same feeling, or tell the same story. There is just this everlasting feeling. The ability to adjust the mood through contrast and make things more dramatic. 


Just like everything else in life, everything should be done in moderation. Slapping black and white on every image won't do any justice. It has to make sense. You have to feel it.

Does the same apply for video?

There is no wrong way to creatively express yourself. But in this case, would the video below feel the same if it was in color? Would it be wrong in color? No, but would it still feel the same and give the same message?

In Conclusion

There is a time and place for everything. Of it's black & white then make it great 🙌.

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