What makes a great photo?

What makes a great photo? I personally feel there are three key components that contribute to making a great image. Whether you're a photographer or model. If you keep these 3 factors in mind and apply them when necessary your images will come out amazing.

1. What is your image selling?

There is a reason why billboards, ads and commercials snatch our attention. They speak, convince and sell to us. In return as a consumer we support and purchase the product. Does your image convey this same feeling? This might pertain more towards print and product photography/modeling but overall what is your image selling? What is the person viewing your image going to take from it?

2. Does your image tell a story? 

What connection is your photo making with the viewer? What mood or emotion are you displaying and tapping into?

3. Does your image feel like art?

Think of your favorite artist and why you appreciate their work. Whether it's art, music, fashion etc. It's that captive moment that let's us dream again. That painting you view that makes you feel like you're on vacation, that surreal image of a model/person that just feels out of this world.