New York Fashion Week!

Sept 10th 2016 for Hennessy Fashion Week at SLR Studios. Complimentary Hennessy for the evening as a diverse audience also consumed a taste at some of nyc's upcoming designers. Each designer was straight forward with their look and message they wanted to convey. The models were bold individually telling each designers story with their opportunity on the runway. Performances by SymplicityTee Dot ohhQua majesty & Clear mind. Designs by ME fashionBonna CollectionBuild & Destroy, and J creations.

The Photographer's Viewpoint

I wanted to stray away from the norm for a runway show. I wanted to tell a story. At these particular shows we are use to vivid bright light's and flashes everywhere. Supporters, parents, fellow photographers eager to catch the shot. I wanted to take my time. Tell the story from the ground up. From the dark. Which i believe each one of these designer's originated their motive and ideas.



Build & Destroy Clothing

Bonna Collection