Taking photos vs Creating photos.

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Are you taking photos or creating photos?

_DSC8058 diff.jpg

Think about the statement. To quickly explain the difference, anyone can take a photo, I'm pretty sure you have tons of images in your phone. When you're creating images it goes a step further. 

When was the last time you created? 

It takes a certain effort and care to CREATE, so this makes it personal, this makes it special. Creating images, understanding the elements that go into creating as a creative separate the difference. In my belief. Learn and take control over your craft.

Role Reversal.

As a model you're a major contributor to creating the image. The photographer and staff might set the tempo, but as the model you are the subject, you are the the highlight. Grasp the importance and take initiative. You are a contributor to this image or project being great. Identify with your strengths, master poses, and conveying emotion. Learn to create in front of the camera. FEEL what you're doing, Own it.

In Conclusion.  

Love and appreciate what you're doing, it will show in your work. People identify with this, whether you realize it or not. Be a creative!