My New Favorite Headphones - Sony MDR 1000x !

I'm always on the go, and also a music junkie. Being a  graduate if the Insitute of Audio Research, I have a ear for good clean audio. I wanted some new over ear headphones to accompany me on my journeys throughout NYC. 

My New Favorite Headphones!

Sony MDR 1000x

Sony's MDR 1000x

These are the absolute James bond's of the headphone industry. I did my research before purchasing and I was highly anticipating these headphones. This is not a in depth review, just my brief experience.  

The Pros

Noise Cancellation

I would say that's the best feature on these set of headphones. This feature absolutely isolates your sound from everything else. This is great for long commutes or flights. Just be careful in public with this feature. I missed the train a couple times.


A sleek yet bold "Stealth" like design is how I would describe these headphones. Not to loud in appearance. 

Technology / Features

The right ear cup is touch sensitive. This is for swiping up and down to raise or lower volume, Swiping forward or back to skip or reverse tracks, Double tapping to play or pause your music. This functionally is rather impressive and intuitive. Also placing your whole hand over the right ear cup lowers your music and turns on the ambient microphones so you can hold a conversation or hear your surroundings without taking off your headphones. Great enjoyable feature!

The Cons


I tend to notice a bit of distortion sometimes when I move or put my head down. Not a real deal breaker, it's just something I noticed sometimes while listening.


These are not the loudest set of headphones i've encounter. If you're looking for that deep heavy bass these are not for you. Although this might not be a con, these have more of a well rounded balanced sound compared to my Soul OE wireless headphones.

In Conclusion

These headphones retail at $400. Are they for the average consumer? maybe not. But do I feel they're are worth the price? I personally do. If you're looking to escape your surroundings or a frequent traveler then these are for you. I personally love them.